In November 2001, I went to the city of Granada, home to the Alhambra, setting of 

The Legacy and Sultana.


The council chamber of the Sultans of Granada, the mashwar.  Here the monarch met with his counselors and held weekly public audience.  This view is from the council chamber to the gardens in the west.  The gardens were added after the Moors left Granada.





An open-air patio called the Golden Room in modern times.  The marble tiled floor and the coloring on the walls catch the sun's rays and gleam like gold.  The fountain in the center of the floor is a staple of Islamic architecture; the presence of water was meant to remind the inhabitants of Paradise on earth.   



One of the oldest surviving parts of the Sultans' residence.  Unfortunately, visitors aren't allowed to explore the interior of the buildings.





An example of the beautiful tilework in the Alhambra.  The Moors were Muslims and did not allow the representation of human figures.  They improvised with colorful tiles and calligraphic writings.  The Alhambra walls are incised with the motto of Granada's first Sultan, Muhammad I, which states, "There is no conqueror but God."