I've loved reading all my life.  I started writing short fiction stories when I was in junior high school, but in college, I became focused on writing as a hobby.  Great writing has the ability to take the reader on a great journey, an escape to a bygone era.  Writing historical fiction seemed the logical choice.  I've always been very passionate about history, and the differences between modern-day society and the past are intriguing.  Most of the stuff we take for granted was unheard of 1,000 years ago and it's fascinating to experience how people lived in the past.      

 In college, I took a writing course (required) and found it too formulaic; I couldn't wait for that semester to end.  Writing is something people love or hate; there's never an in-between.  I believe, if you love writing, you have to be passionate about it; dedicated to getting the story out of your head and on to paper, and focused in the process of self-editing and rewrites.  When the ultimate goal is publication, you have to persevere and be persistent, even when it seems difficult.  Connect with other writers who share your passion to sustain you – does wonders for me. 


 I prefer to write in the morning when ideas are fresh, but since I have a 9-5 job, often that proves impossible.  I love the weekends where I can focus on my writing and tune the rest of the world out.  I'm not by nature a selfish person, except when it comes to my writing.  You do yourself a disservice when you don't make your writing time a priority and let others know that your writing time is important to you.


 I’m also a regular contributor at Unusual Historicals and Historical Novel Reviews.  My personal blog is The Brooklyn Scribbler.