The Burning Candle

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When Isobel de Vermandois weds Robert the Comte de Meulan, hero of the Battle of Hastings, she never imagines William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey will change her life.      



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Murad, admiral of the Barbary corsair fleet is a man of many secrets. From his base in Morocco , he raids merchant vessels and deals in stolen goods and slaves. He develops a reputation as one of the most ruthless pirates of the Barbary Coast . In the greatest coup of his career he storms ashore at a remote Irish village and captures its people for sale as slaves in North Africa . A beautiful young woman named Lysbeth arrives in Morocco , with ties to Murad’s past. She challenges him to atone for the victims he’s condemned to slavery. But some sins can’t be forgiven and too many secrets are buried deep in the past.


The Legacy

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Set in medieval southern Spain during the turbulent reign of the last Moorish dynasty. On her wedding day, the happy expectations of a bride-to-be are shattered when her birthplace plunges into civil war. Fatima lives in sumptuous palaces and palatial estates where danger has never intruded, until now. The unwitting pawn of her grandfather the sultan and her father, she soon discovers the truth about her union. Her marriage is a political move to supplant an old alliance. The sultan’s former allies become dangerous rivals in their bid to control Granada , putting Fatima ’s life and future at risk. Danger also lurks along the frontier, as Christian kings and other Muslim rulers advance their claims on this last of the Moorish territories. Unless Fatima and her husband unite against their enemies, their family stands to lose Granada forever. 

The Nasrid Dynasty



Set in medieval southern Spain during the turbulent reign of the last Moorish dynasty. The peace and prosperity of Fatima and Faraj's life is shattered when war and internal conflicts again threatens Granada ’s fragile existence. Intricate plots and the ever-present danger posed by external enemies’ tests Fatima and Faraj's enduring love. In the atmosphere of treachery surrounding them, there are many opportunities for betrayal and suspicion that easily turn their passion to mistrust. It is a constant struggle for survival, and even in her greatest triumph, Fatima’s world is rocked by the most shocking betrayal of all.